Adam Dovico

Guiding The Young Generation To Success

Adam is an accomplished teacher, principal, college professor, author, and speaker who has spent his career working with schools and educators across the country on building school culture, engaging students, and figuring out what you can do for kids! He spent the early part of his career in North Carolina as an elementary school teacher in both rural and urban settings. From there, he had the opportunity to teach at the renowned Ron Clark Academy (RCA) in Atlanta. In addition to teaching at RCA, he served as the first School Implementation Specialist, which allowed Adam to travel across the country to conduct professional development in the form of keynote speeches, workshops, and model lessons.

After working in K-12 education for a decade, Adam transitioned to the collegiate level to serve as the Clinical Professor in the Department of Education at his alma mater, Wake Forest University. While there, he not only worked on building the next generation of teachers, but also had the opportunity to publish articles and book chapters on a variety of education topics. Currently, Adam resides in Greensboro, NC, where he lives with his wife, Jaclyn, and two children, Ryder and Maddox.

Adam's Written Three Books

 When Kids Lead (2020), The Limitless Classroom (2017), and Inside the Trenches (2014). He is often brought to school districts for his unique stories, wacky costumes, sense of humor, and practical ideas, which have made him a favorite among kids and adults of all ages!

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